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HDM-Sentry - A simplified interface to HDM-4


HDM-Sentry is a tool for:
  • Performing an analysis of a road section to determine the economic and engineering benefits of different maintenance and improvement investments
  • Reducing data requirements by using high-level text descriptors for many of the inputs which are automatically translated into the detailed data used for the analysis
  • Providing an accessible analysis method to decision makers, non-engineers and those with no HDM-4 experience but still using the full HDM-4 analysis framework and models to provide robust results

HDM-4 Sentry provides:

  • An interface for simplified data entry into HDM-4
  • Four simple data entry screens guide the user through the setup process
  • Automatically creates HDM-4 workspace based on user’s data choices in HDM-Sentry and runs HDM-4 analysis in the background
  • Presents the key results in an easy to understand format

HDM-Sentry operates as a data-preparation tool for HDM-4, and then sends this data to HDM-4 Version 2 where the analysis is performed. HDM-Sentry aggregates the results and presents them in high-level reports. In this way the complex detail is hidden from a non-technical user, but the principles and analytical framework of HDM-4 are used.



Figure 1: Schematic overview of a simplified interface to HDM-4 Version 2

HDM-Sentry has been designed to lead users to use the full HDM-4 software tool since the data entered and prepared in HDM-Sentry can be opened in the full version of HDM-4 allowing a user to take advantage of the full flexibility of HDM-4.

HDM-Sentry In use

  • Multiple analyses can be stored to be viewed and edited when required
  • The three official languages of PIARC are supported: English, French, and Spanish
  • Local currencies can be added for reporting
  • Customised datasets can be developed to support local high level data customisation

Who is HDM-Sentry For?

  • Decision makers, and non-engineers: using guided input and high-level data entry detailed engineering knowledge is not required to perform an analysis to obtain some indicative results on the impact of different investment strategies
  • Engineers with little or no HDM-4 experience: a low learning-curve quickly enables engineers to set up an analysis and become familiar with the process providing a stepping-stone to HDM-4 use.
  • Educators: provides a quick and easy way to demonstrate the principles behind economic evaluation of road investments.

HDM-Sentry provides an accessible analysis method to decision makers, non-engineers and those with no HDM-4 experience but still using the full HDM-4 analysis framework and models to provide robust results. The name HDM-Sentry derives from the analysis framework it uses (HDM) and its simplified entry of data to give the name HDM-Sentry.

A user must have BOTH HDM-Sentry and HDM-4 Version 2 installed and licenced on their computer for the system to work.HDM-Sentry is therefore sold with a training, full, or SCC licence.

Users wishing to progress to HDM-4 Version 2 use can use the data prepared by HDM-Sentry as a starting point for their HDM-4 analysis. Therefore, some users may prefer to purchase HDM-Sentry with a full licence, or have the possibility of upgrading at a future point.


For pricing information please use or sales enquiry page, or send an email to our sales team software@trl.co.uk


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