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Extension of the concession contract 2010-2015

Execution of the contract was reviewed by the PIARC Commission on Finances in 2014. The key features of the assessment are as follows:

  • The obligations set to the contract holder have been respected.
  • The General Secretariat did not receive any customer complaint since the contract was signed, which reflects the satisfaction of customers about the services provided by the concessionaire.
  • The overall revenue has enabled the concessionaire to ensure the upgrading of the software and the user assistance but failed to generate significant revenue to cover the cost of new developments.

In conclusion: the service concession contract solution has met the objectives set by PIARC, i.e.:

  • being relieved from daily management,
  • distribution of version 2 of the software while keeping it updated with correction of bugs and upgrades following the evolution of operating systems (e.g. Vista);
  • provide relevant technical support to the users,

The partnership signed with HDMGlobal has enabled PIARC to meet the objectives set in the concession contract, to the satisfaction of all customers. Considering the limited market and the specific knowledge required to ensure the correction of bugs and upgrades of the software, it was recommended that the concession contract be extended for a period of 5 years with the same contract holder, while keeping the terms of the current contract. The 5-year duration enables both parties to have enough visibility in case of new developments.

In September 2009, in Incheon, PIARC Council took the following resolution:

“Following Resolution 04/17 adopted by the Council in Montpellier, on the implementation of a contract of service concession with the HDMGlobal consortium; following the General Secretariat’s report on the follow-up of the concession contract implementation and on the results of the concessionaire’s action since the signature of the contract; after examination by the Finance Commission and on recommendation of the Executive Committee, the Council asked the General Secretariat:

  • <to sign with the HDMGlobal consortium, an amendment to the concession contract, extending its duration for a period of five years, beyond 31 July 2010 …”

A new contract was signed between Alta Innovations Limited (the successor company to Birmingham Research and Development Limited), on behalf of the members of the HDMGlobal consortium and PIARC in July 2010 and took effect on August 1st 2010 for five years.

In 2011, PIARC General Secretariat signed with the IMT a second memorandum of agreement for the translation into Spanish of the HDM-4 Version 2 User Manuals, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 paid by PIARC.

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