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Start of the ISOHDM project

Whilst the various versions of the models had been extensively used in a number of countries, there was a need to incorporate the results of the extensive research that had been undertaken around the world over the previous ten years. Moreover, whilst the models had been mostly used in developing countries, industrialized countries had started to make use of the models. This resulted in the need for additional capabilities to be introduced. It is against this background that the development of HDM-4 was undertaken.

The International Study of Highway Development and Management Tools (ISOHDM) was set up in 1993 to extend the scope of HDM-III and produce “improved tools for the development of economic and technical strategies in the road sector”.

The management of the project started with a Sponsors Committee (composed of the World Bank, the United Kingdom Overseas Development Administration (ODA), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Swedish National Road Administration (SNRA)) overseeing the project and a Steering Committee comprising nominated experts providing overall guidance, technical review and feed back to the sponsors. Both committees were chaired by the World Bank respectively by William Paterson and Chris Hoban.

A project secretariat was established within the Highways Management Research Group (HiMaRG) in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The ISOHDM Secretariat was in charge to co-ordinate the activities of the research centres but also of quality assurance and project administration.

Further support was provided by several countries including the US Federal Highway Administration, the Finnish Road Administration, the French Government, the Malaysian Department of Public Works (JKR), Japan and Denmark[1]


[1]FY96-98 BUSINESS PLAN PROPOSAL FOR SPECIAL GRANTS PROGRAM FUNDING ONGOING GRANT, Document prepare by the University of Birmingham for the World Bank

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