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Improved Data Handling & Organisation

Updated Database Technology

HDM-4 uses an object-orientated database to store its local data. HDM-4 version 2.0 has been updated to use the latest version of this database to ensure the latest developments and enhancements are available, as well as continued support and backup from the suppliers is accessible.

Redesign of New Section Facilities

The definition of new sections has been moved to the work standards folder in the workspace. These new sections are now assigned to alternatives using the new alternatives user-interface. This approach allows new sections to be reused across studies and alternatives.

Traffic Redesign

The management and entry of traffic related data in HDM-4 has undergone a number of changes that effect road networks, sections, vehicle fleets and the three modes of analysis.

The traffic data for a section is now defined for each section within the road network. To enable this to take place a road network is associated with a vehicle fleet. A user can enter multiple years of traffic data which is now defined in terms of absolute vehicle AADTs value.

A traffic growth set defines how the traffic grows over time and is defined within the vehicle fleet and assigned to a section within an analysis. The use interface for traffic growth sets is similar to that used in version 1.x for the definition of normal traffic. As growths sets may be used to define the traffic growth characteristics of multiple studies, the periods are defined as relative years rather than absolute years.

These improvements allow traffic data for a section to be common in each analysis in which the section is included, and for the typical traffic growths to be reused in each analysis. When creating a new analysis a user now only selects the road network to be used, as the vehicle fleet is associated with it. The user then selects the sections to be included in the study and assigns traffic growth sets to each section, using the growth sets defined in the road network's associated vehicle fleet.

Report Management

HDM-4 version 2.0 includes improved management and organisation of the available report templates. A user can now add report categories, or sub-categories within the reports tree-view, and reports can easily be renamed or moved between categories. The reports no longer have to be stored in the same directory, allowing a user to easily separate HDM-4 default reports and 3rd party report templates.


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